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Matt Berry’s “I, Regress” - EPISODE 3
Starring Matt Berry as a less-than-orthodox hypnotherapist.

Happened to catch this on Radio 4 a couple of years back. I wish the whole series was online. I remember the rest of this episode having something to do with pigeons?

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This is possibly my favourite episode of The Infinite Monkey Cage, the BBC Science comedy panel show on Radio 4

This episode covers:

  • Abiogenesis & the origins of Life
  • The history of Earth geology & the Late Heavy Bombardment
  • The Chimeric Origin of Eukaryotes & Mitochondria
  • The Iron-Sulphur World origin of life theory & the conditions of deep sea hydrothermal vents
It also has Tim Minchin in it.

Professor Brian Cox and I are happily married.